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About Us

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Colonial Entertainers Guild is a premier booking agency for authentic music, magic and variety entertainment that transports you to the colonial era. Our team of experienced musicians and performers are dedicated to providing top-quality entertainment that will make your event unforgettable.

J. Gabriel Stone is a versitile performer and owner of the Colonial Entertainers Guild.  He is most frequently heard playing bass on Serpent, Ophicleide, or Tuba.   Gabe also plays Flutes, Bagpipes, Hurdy-gurdy, Percussion, and Guitar.  
David Gardner is a nationally recognized Scottish fiddler and judge.  He performs on modern and historic violin family instruments as well as guitar, and ukulele!
Su Tarr specializes in Irish fiddle and has a passion for music of the 18th and 19th century in America. 
Mark Nixon is a versitile trumpet player with an interest in historic trumpets.   Aside from modern trumpet, he plays cornets, cornopean, and natural trumpet.  Mark is a retired Air Force Band trumpeter, professor, and symphony musician.
Cliff Williams has had an illustrious operetic singing carreer.  He plays modern and historic guitars and recorder.  
Breanne Stone is an active dancer, choreographer, model, actor, and teacher.  She teaches English Country Dance in our dance workshops.
William the Conjuror specializes in antiquarian magic from the renaissance to the 19th century.  He is a fantastic slieght of hand and manipulation illusionist with plenty of humor and delightful stories. 
Doug Austin plays modern and historic mandolins, fiddle, guitar, and whistles.  He easily jumps between bluegrass and Americana to Celtic and classical styles-sometimes during the same tune!
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